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ainland China​

Ningbo Combine Shuttlecocks Co. Ltd. is a leader in sporting-goods manufacturer since 1981 focusing on manufacturing shuttlecocks. The company has more than 20 years of experience in producing high quality shuttlecocks for international tournaments and professional players. YOUHE products are exported to Japan, Korea, South East Asia, USA and Europe. CTTL Trading Pte. Ltd. is the authorized reseller working closely with Ningbo Combine Shuttlecocks to distribute its range of products throughout the region.

Ningbo Combine Shuttlecocks Co. Ltd. has a total annual sales revenue of US$2.5 to 10 million. The company has 100+ employees with delegated Quality Control and R&D Control Staff. The company has been focusing on quality since the very beginning of the early years and the company has earned the trust in the market. The range of products is listed in home page.

OEM Manufacturer
Ningbo Combine Shuttlecocks Co. Ltd. also OEM the top world’s brand of shuttlecocks. It’s manufacturing facilities had awarded the ISO9001:2000 certification. 

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) shuttlecock Approval Scheme was implemented in 1988 to govern the standardization of shuttlecocks for international tournaments.
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Certain model of YouHe shuttlecocks is approved by BWF where YouHe strive to compete in international quality.


Portugal is located in the south western part of Europe and it has emerged to be one of the first world nations with good quality living conditions. The cork oak tree is green round the year and they are abundant in Portugal that accounts for about 50% of the world’s cork production.

The cork oak tree is also known as “Quercus suber” which is a slow-growing and long-lived evergreen tree which can grow up to 20m and living up to 250 years of age ! The leaves are dark green with uneven sharp edges and it’s about 4 to 7 cm long.

The bark of the cork oak tree is hardy, rugged and extremely thick. This bark is known as cork, which is harvested in Portugal every 9 years.  A new layer will begin to grow as soon as it is removed and hence provide continuous supply. 

Cork harvesting is a natural process and the first cork is obtained from its bark when the tree is about 25 years of age, thereafter harvesting for over a century. In Portugal, cork oak trees are preserved and cannot be cut down without the approval by the forestry authority.

Cork is a natural substance and no artificial means are used during the harvest that makes it an entirely natural product. Hence, cork is extremely ecological and thus environmental friendly.

The Portuguese cork is flexible, light, compressible and highly resistant to abrasion. All these characteristics attributes to making high quality shuttlecock which provides excellent acoustic and elastic properties that will be able to withstand the impact of the badminton smashes.



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