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At “ShuttlecocksOnline.com”, we provide cost effective yet quality badminton shuttlecocks suitable for general purposes as well as for competitions. This is made possible through market research, consistently searching for direct manufacturer who produce quality shuttlecocks with wholesale pricing. Most of the brands listed here are also OEM supplier of top international competition brands listed in the Badminton Worldwide Federation BWF. Hence, you got the equivalent quality of the top brand shuttlecocks with the lowest possible cost.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best value without having to pay extra through layers of resellers.

Currently, we are supplying FLIGHT™, VICTOR, SUNBATTA, YOUHE and TAILAI shuttlecocks. They are excellent manufacturers of badminton shuttlecocks and rackets in China with many years of experiences. Besides providing for international games, they also provide a series of badminton shuttlecocks from high-end quality to medium quality in China. We are excited to work with them to supply their products in Singapore.

You can click on the brand tab on the menu to find out the detailed information of the shuttlecocks. Information such as the history, the quality, reputation and important information on the respective shuttlecocks.

“ShuttlecocksOnline.com” will regularly provides promotions whenever possible. We look forward to your continuous support to keep us going so that everyone can benefits from our endeavour. Do continue to keep in touch.

For quality shuttlecocks manufacturer, “ShuttlecocksOnline.com” welcomes business opportunity to sell your products with us and will provide you with free publicity that can bring your brand worldwide. You can contact us at sales@shuttlecocksonline.com.

Shuttlecock Brands

Enjoy stable flight with precision. Excellent durability and shuttle control. Matches most top international brands for tournament \ professional play. Great Value-For-Money-Quality shuttlecocks.FL-40 uses Grade A Goose feather
FL-10 uses Grade A Cigu duck feather

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VICTOR VICTOR shuttlecocks focus on quality such as weight, length, depth, angle of feather insertion and precision standardized production process that makes every single shuttlecock to perfection.


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Victor Champion1


SUNBATTA Sunbatta is committed to produce high quality shuttlecocks through traditional Japanese philosophy of strictest quality control and innovation.Click here to go the SUNBATTA Gallery



YOUHE YOUHE shuttlecocks are made with delegated Quality Control and R&D Control. The company has been focusing on quality since the very beginning of the early years and the company has earned the trust in the market.Click here to go the YOUHE Gallery

Youhe S101_1


TAILAI TaiLai shuttlecocks are devoted to very strict quality control. It is through the high efficiency manpower and machineries that TaiLai shuttlecocks are manufactured to precision.Click here to go the TAILAI Gallery Tailai logo


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