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FL40v01  Retail Price : S$43.00
Internet Price : S$31.00
Sales Price : N.A.
FL10v01  Retail Price : S$34.00
Internet Price : S$26.00
Sales Price : N.A.
QualityInspected FL40inspected FL10inspected
Business partner with manufacturer of BWF accredited shuttlecocks. Every single shuttlecock is Quality Inspected. The Badminton World Federation (BWF) shuttlecock Approval Scheme was implemented in 1988 to govern the standardization of shuttlecocks for international tournaments.The manufacturing process follows adhere strictly to the quality as governed by the BWF. They are located in Lu’an city,Anhui province where feathers of famous goose breed named “West Anhui Goose” or “Wanxi White Goose” are used.The feathers are specially selected to make shuttlecocks and are of excellent quality. The  factory also process the feather cutting process to ensure that the feather cuts are in good quality control.The factory also provides OEM to other branded shuttlecock brands that are use internationally. It is through stringent selection of business partnering, balancing between quality and pricing that CTTL Trading Pte. Ltd. is able to provide Value-For-Money-Quality shuttlecocks to badminton enthusiasts. FLIGHT™ FL-40

Grade A

Goose feather + quality natural sandwich cork

Technical Ratings:
Flight: A+
Durability: A+
Stability : A+
Speed : 77

Characteristics :
• For tournament\club play
• Quality white Goose feathers
• Matches most top brands
• Best value within it’s range
• Excellent shuttle control
• Excellent durability
• Enjoy stable flight with precision


Grade A

Cigu duck feather + quality natural sandwich cork

Technical Ratings:
Flight: A-
Durability: A-
Stability : A-
Speed : 77

Characteristics :
• For training and match play
• Quality Cigu duck feather
• Best value within it’s range
• Good shuttle control
• Economical with good quality


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